My MS Australia road trip: Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane

It certainly has been a big week!

Last week I headed off to Canberra where I reconnected with some of my contacts at the Commonwealth and met some of the fabulous people working with MS Australia-ACT/NSW/VIC. My thanks go to Ann Lehmann for hosting my visit. Ian Pennell and Ian Gordon generously gave up their time to spend with me and meeting Mary Webb and David Robertson, two very busy advocates in Canberra, was a delight. I should also thank Tony who took some photos for us.

David Robertson, Mary Webb and Debra Cerasa meeting in ACT

Meeting with David Robertson and Mary Webb in ACT

On Tuesday I headed to Hobart where I spent a very informative day with MS Society of Tasmania CEO Dale Eastley and staff based in the Hobart office. Hobart really is such a lovely city to visit and I received a warm welcome from everyone I met.

MS Society of Tasmania CEO Dale Eastley and Debra Cerasa

Meeting with MS Society of Tasmania CEO Dale Eastley in Hobart

I landed in Brisbane on Wednesday. I thought the weather might keep me from Brisbane, but thankfully for all who live close by, the river did not peak and concerns about repeat flooding diminished. I had a busy schedule in Brisbane, after saying “hello” to CEO Lincoln Hopper I met many of the staff based in Brisbane. So many people gave up their precious time to speak with me – thank you all! I also had the opportunity to meet with MS Queensland Chairman Jonathan Loraine and Vice Chair Roger Burrell.

Lincoln Hopper, Debra Cerasa, Jonathan Loraine

Meeting with MS Queensland CEO Lincoln Hopper and Chairman Jonathan Loraine

These three visits make up part of my MS Australia road trip which will take me to each state to meet people who can help me discover more about the community MS Australia represents. And who better to learn from than the wonderful staff, advocates, volunteers and clients of the various MS Australia organisations.

I am looking forward to continuing this journey and visiting South Australia and Western Australian in the next few weeks.

The most wonderful observation from my visit has been the connection that everyone wishes to achieve throughout the MS Community. I was inspired by the dedication of volunteer Dr Mary Webb and her tireless support of people living with MS in the ACT, as I was inspired by all the others who work so hard to support people living with MS. I look forward to continuing the relationships with advocates around the country.

So thanks to everyone I met for their hospitality, knowledge and friendly faces. It is great to know we have such a passionate and inspiring community in this quest to support people living with MS while searching for a cure.

Have you met anyone recently who inspired you?



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2 Responses to My MS Australia road trip: Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane

  1. Lisa O'Farrell says:

    Many people with MS inspire me and many ordinary people also inspire me. But I am more inspired by those who ‘just get on with it’ and don’t make a career out of having MS. Living a full life despite MS is the only way to live – to some degree, the life we get is the life we settle for. Never give up on your dreams. Push on, persevere. Thanks Debra, MS Australia do amazing work and a particular shout out to MS Australia, Deakin. The staff there are all incredibly committed and supportive.

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