A week of milestones

I’ve done it! I’ve reached the 100 day milestone I wrote about last week.

Another milestone this week was participating in my first Board meeting on Sunday.  Once again, it was great to meet with the Board of Directors as well as CEOs from the state societies. We are so fortunate to have a passionate and engaged Board.

Andrew White (left), recipient of the John Studdy Award, pictured with Rob Hubbard.

Andrew White (left), recipient of the John Studdy Award, pictured with Rob Hubbard.

Sunday night saw us presenting the John Studdy and Life Member Awards.

Andrew White, the recipient of the John Studdy Award, has been involved with MS community since his diagnosis in 1993.  As the Chair of the Multiple Sclerosis Advisory Council (MSAC) Andrew is a voice for people living with MS.

Meeting Andrew was such a pleasure. I was humbled by his sheer dedication to the MS community, gentle nature and generosity with his time. Congratulations Andrew, this was a well-deserved acknowledgement.

Ian Pennell receiving his Lifetime Member award from Rob Hubbard.

Ian Pennell receiving his Lifetime Member award from Rob Hubbard.

Sunday night also saw the acknowledgement of Ian Pennell (Vice President) as a lifetime member of MS Australia. President of the MS Australia Board Rob Hubbard said Ian “has shown extraordinary leadership, commitment and dedication to serving people with MS by helping deliver the highest standards of management and governance.”

Andrew Long (centre) with Rob Hubbard and Marcus Stafford, MS WA CEO.

Andrew Long (centre) with Rob Hubbard and Marcus Stafford, MS WA CEO.

Last week I introduced you to the MSA team.  This week it is time to say goodbye to some colleagues.  At the board dinner we acknowledged the contribution of Andrew Long and thanked him for his company secretary support to MS Australia. Andrew moves onto another role, but promises he will keep in touch with us at MSA. 

Richard Trimble has been keeping the financial system on track for MS Australia and MS Research Australia for almost nine years. Richard will retire from his position at the end of April. The Board used the dinner to acknowledge Richard’s contribution.

Retiring MSRA CEO Jeremy Wright

Retiring MSRA CEO Jeremy Wright

Timing was perfect for the MS Australia Board to also honour Jeremy Wright’s work with MSRA and the collaboration with MSA.  Again, another time for retirement has presented itself, but again, we don’t think we have seen the last of Jeremy – his passion for research and involvement with the MS community will continue!

On Monday I had the opportunity to meet up with all the state society CEOs as well as meet the team behind this year’s Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign.

Kiss Goodbye to MS logo drawn on whiteboard

Some artwork by the Kiss Goodbye to MS team!

It was great to see people from MS Australia, MSRA and the state societies enthusiastically working together on this positive campaign towards the same goal – raising awareness of MS.

I look forward to taking part in some of the activities throughout May. And I promise to blog about them as I go!

It has been another big learning week for me, with several milestones! What about you? Have you reached any milestones recently? Or are you working towards any?

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2 Responses to A week of milestones

  1. Regina Brook says:

    Milestones…. Have I ever! We have just returned from a trip to Vietnam and what a trip it was! After my last visit to my neurologist we realized that things were progressing and if we were going to do these trips we had better do them NOW… So off we went. It was a very emotional time for me as I the day before we left I was notified that I was “no longer fit for work” so where did that leave me? Unsure and insecure of life in the future I hopped on that plane for the twelve hours. Hmmm and what one can sort out in that time is rather amazing! We landed in Vietnam and I didn’t stop of 14 days! I got to the top of mountains – I may have had to crawl the last little bit but I got there never the less, I paddled on boats, I swam in the Eastern sea… And all with a huge smile in my face. ..AND It has not left. So I can’t work anymore – it does not make me less of a person. This trip has shown me that I CAN do things that I would have never even contemplated. I am stronger than I thought, my husband calls it stubborn! Whatever it is I like it and it is here to stay. Cambodia here we come!

    • MS Australia says:

      Thanks for sharing Regina. What an amazing trip! Travel can be such an eye-opening experience and definitely a milestone to be proud of. It sounds like your trip has highlighted how strong you are and what you can achieve. We are so pleased for you that you have this strength – Keep in touch Regina and all the best.

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