Farewell to a childhood idol

Life is always moving and changing – yes, I know that – but there are always levels of sadness when someone or something you love passes away. For me, apart from the people I love, it is in my garden. Watching the seasons pass by in my garden sometimes has me lamenting over the death of a tree or plant I have cherished for some time. For many the love is for their pets. Childhood loves are no different.

I was saddened this week to read that Annette Funicello, actress and entertainer, passed away aged 70 from complications associated with multiple sclerosis.

I grew up adoring Annette, like others of that generation (I know this from the heartfelt messages you posted on the MS Australia Facebook page).

Annette Funicello as a Mouseketeer in 1955

Annette Funicello as a Mouseketeer in 1955

Annette began her career as a Mouseketeer and moved on to become a popular actress in the 1960s teen beach films. In addition to her long career, she was also a prominent spokesperson and advocate for people living with MS.

The passing of one of my childhood idols led me to consider the lasting impact of our childhoods: the people and culture that played such important roles in our early lives. After speaking with people around the office about their childhood memories, I was pleasantly surprised by how many spoke about books they had read growing up.

It just so happens that the MS Readathon team started sending information about the 2013 MS Readathon dates over the past week. Often, when speaking with people about MS, the first thing they recall is the MS Readathon. Generations of people have been touched by this iconic fundraising and education initiative in some way. It has helped to raise awareness of MS among children and what I always take heart from is the fact people who have been involved in the MS Readathon genuinely have nostalgia and positive memories about the program. Many can even list the books they read as part of the MS Readathon 10 or 20 years on!

What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

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