Greetings from London

Wow. It has been a hectic week – hectic and fascinating! I have learnt so much on this trip and continue to learn.

This week I attended my induction program for the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) in my role as CEO of MS Australia. The passion and awesome contribution by so many interested people is certainly not bound by Australia’s borders, it’s palpable around the globe!

I was also involved in the MSIF CEO advisory meeting and was excited to be involved in such a dynamic conversation about advocacy, communication and fundraising. This really hit home with me as these same issues have been a focus of mine since I commenced as CEO of MS Australia.

In addition, I have also been exposed to some very useful  information included in a report on the International Progressive MS Collaborative as well as lessons for organisations managing urgent situations.

While this has been a brief overview of all the activities which I have been involved with, I promise to provide more information over the coming weeks!

I will be back on Australian shores soon where I will throw myself into MS Awareness Month, or more specifically, Kiss Goodbye to MS.  This is such a positive campaign which aims to raise awareness of MS throughout Australia. It is so exciting to see it is also reaching other parts of the globe!

Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassador Dimitri Cachia, aged 36, diagnosed in 2003. Dimitri says "I can still do, have and be everything I ever wanted! There is just a different way around the challenges."

So remember: Wear, dare and share red and help us raise awareness for the 23,000 Australians living with MS.

Are you getting involved in Kiss Goodbye to MS this year?

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2 Responses to Greetings from London

  1. Jeremy Wright says:

    Debra, Sounds like you’re getting plenty out of your MSIF meetings – and thank you for the positive plugs for Kiss Goodbye.
    Look forward to you sharing lots with us on return – it’ll be busy for you, I’m sure, Jeremy

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