A big week back in Australia

This week, I write to you back on Australian shores. There is so much news to chat about this week!

We were involved in the Brain Injury Association of NSW (BIA NSW) Young People in Nursing Homes conference on Wednesday. There are 7,500 young people living in aged care facilities in Australia. We are calling for the government to make a commitment to change this situation and lack of support for young people living with disability and their families.  It is encouraging to see so many passionate people and groups advocating for the rights of young Australians living in nursing homes.

I encourage you to get behind BIA NSW and sign this petition. BIA NSW is seeking 10,000 signatures to get this issue on the agenda in parliament.

The biggest news this week has been Julia Gillard’s announcement of the 0.5 per cent increase to the Medicare Levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), DisabilityCare. This proposal has now received bipartisan support.

It is no secret that at MS Australia we fully support the NDIS. All people should have the right to live to their fullest and I believe the NDIS is a vital measure in providing support to Australians living with disability and their families. It is positive to see progression of the NDIS and support from all sides.

In addition, Tasmania and Queensland are set to sign up in full to the NDIS, joining New South Wales, South Australia and the Australia Capital Territory. If you would like more information about the NDIS, check out the FAQs on the MS Australia website.

This week also saw the launch of national MS awareness campaign Kiss Goodbye to MS. KGTMS runs throughout May and encourages people to wear, dare and share. The support for the 2013 campaign has been amazing. I have been following #kissgoodbyetoms on Twitter and Instagram and the KGTMS Facebook page – all are awash with images from our supporters.

And I have been wearing lots of red to show my support too!

Reception at the Nerve Centre in Blackburn has been decorated with Kiss Goodbye to MS posters, lips and big lip balloons

It is so lovely to come in to the office in Blackburn and be greeted by this!

With so much to discuss, feel free to comment on the NDIS announcement, young people in nursing homes or your involvement in Kiss Goodbye to MS.

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