The people you meet

Over the past few months I have been meeting different people from all different backgrounds, all associated with MS in some way. I’m beginning to feel a part of the MS community.

As you will know, I recently met with folks from around the globe at the MSIF conference.  Since my return I have been meeting with people from the pharmaceutical companies who develop and distribute medication for people living with MS. We are obviously keen to be up-to-date with information from pharmaceutical companies in order to advocate on behalf of the MS community for access to medications and choice of treatments.

This week I also spent a couple of days Sydney, meeting with neurologists who were attending the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists conference. It was an opportunity for me to meet neurologists who specialise in MS. It was great to put names to the faces of physicians and researchers I have heard so much about. I can assure you the great work continues in the interests of Australians living with MS.

Last weekend I spoke at a Nurses Symposium about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This was another opportunity to meet so many people working with the MS community (how great are our nurses!?) and discuss the incredibly important issue of the NDIS.

Have you met any new people/groups recently?

This week MSIF launched their World MS Day 2013 campaign, which is all about young people living with MS. As part of this campaign, they are asking people to share their motto.

World MS Day theme for 2013 is young people living with MS. MSIF are asking "what's your motto?"

My motto is:

“Take interest in the people you meet, as they all have a story to tell”

What’s yours?

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