World MS Day 2013

Last week, people from all over the globe were raising awareness of MS for World MS Day. We raise awareness for many reasons; to promote understanding of what life with MS is really like, to raise awareness of issues related to MS, to fundraise for research in to better treatments and cure for MS.

It was great to see so many stories shared on World MS Day. Tim Ferguson appeared on Channel 10’s The Project to chat about what life with MS is like for him and Emma Guinti shared her story with 2Day FM.

People also shared their experiences all over the world! This year the focus of World MS Day was young people with MS. People were encouraged to share their motto and inspire others. Have a look at some of the mottos which were shared during the campaign. For me, this brought the global MS community together, as no matter where we come from we all have something to share to help others – even words of wisdom.

A motto from Praneel, 18, from India submitted to the World MS Day website

It has been so exciting to see Australians really getting involved with the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign. For some people, this has been an empowering experience allowing them to talk openly about what life with MS is like, or life as a carer or family member of someone living with MS.

One of the most prominent stories which has come out of the campaign is Megan Healey’s. Megan rode from Melbourne to Sydney on her lawn mower to raise money and awareness for MS and young carers. On Wednesday, Megan reached Sydney where she was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.


Megan Healey arrived in Sydney on World MS Day after 16 days on the road, riding her lawn mower for MS.

I was lucky enough to attend the reception at Kirribilli House on World MS Day and meet some of the key MS researchers, as well as people who have been strong supporters of the Australian MS community.

And so we come to the end of Kiss Goodbye to MS for 2013. It has been such a positive campaign, helping to raise awareness of MS in the community while sharing the stories of Australians living with MS. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this campaign. So many people came together to make this a success. The support and encouragement shown by our community is heartwarming.

Did you take part in any MS events during May? Or spread the word some other way?

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