NDIS developments and news from MSIF

Some new developments in the National Disability Insurance Scheme this week. PM Julia Gillard has announced that the headquarters for DisabilityCare will be located in Geelong.

You may also be interested in the new DisabilityCare website which launched this week.

Screenshot of the new DisabilityCare website

A screen shot of the new DisabilityCare website.

It is really encouraging to see advancements such as these in the implementation of the NDIS in this country. Stay tuned for more information as it arises!

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation have announced the International Person with MS of the Year. Svetlana V. Goronkova from Russia was nominated by the All Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society for the important work she has been involved with for the Russian MS organisation and for Russian people with MS and their families.

Congratulations to Svetlana. It is so important that we are aware of the ways people all over the world are supporting the MS community and helping to raise the profile of MS.

Kerrie Page, Australian MSIF Award nominee

Kerrie Page, Australian MSIF Award nominee

MS Australia nominated two fantastic candidates for the International Person with MS of the Year and International Carer of the Year.

Kerrie Page from Western Australia was put forward as International Person with MS of the Year thanks to some truly special feedback about her never-ending optimism and contribution to friends and family, even though her MS is progressing steadily and limiting her.

Doug Talbert, Australian nominee for International Carer for people with MS award.

Doug Talbert, Australian nominee for International Carer for people with MS award.

Doug Talbert, a masseuse who volunteers assisting people with MS from MS Australia-ACT/NSW/VIC’s North Ryde office was nominated for International Carer of the Year. Doug is incredibly altruistic and gives his time to many charities. MSA is lucky to have his services in North Ryde where he has been helping alleviate people with MS symptoms for years.

I take great inspiration from their stories and from knowing this is just a snapshot of some of the amazing people and fantastic work being carried out by people in the broader MS community. Congratulations Kerrie and Doug on your efforts.

MSIF have also published results from their latest survey: cognition and MS. There were over 4,600 respondents from around the world, many from Australia. Some key findings from the results:

  • 80% of respondents had experienced cognitive difficulties as part of their MS
  • The majority rated the impact of cognitive difficulties on work as “very high”
  • When asked about strategies they used to address cognitive problems, most relied on family and friends. A quarter said they used no strategies
  • Almost a third said that they felt that people they are close to didn’t understand that cognition can be affected by MS.

(Source: MSIF, 2013)

That was a little summary of just some of the news from the MS community this week. What’s news with you?

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3 Responses to NDIS developments and news from MSIF

  1. Regina Brook says:

    What’s new… We were lucky enough to attend the “Taking Control” book launch. What an amazing and inspirational person Jillian Kingsford Smith is… As are all of the people who’s stories have been told in this amazing book. It was a wonderful evening with plenty of laughs thrown in thanks to Tim Ferguson’s hysterical introduction to the speeches. Many new friends were made and I’m sure there are one… Or three coffee dates to follow.

  2. MS Australia says:

    Great to hear you attended the launch Regina! Sounds like it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Thanks for sharing (and sorry for the delayed response!)

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