A powerful MS community

It never ceases to amaze me the strength and resilience we have in the MS community in Australia. Throughout my time as CEO of MSA I have met some truly inspirational people and spoken to many impassioned people. Some of these people have MS, others know of people who do and some are closely involved in the disability sector. What all of them have in common though is a goal to improve the lives of others and I always find that incredibly humbling.

One such group is Foundation 5million+, a community powered arm working with MS Research Australia to raise funds towards a cure for MS.


Last week I attended my first F5m+ meeting in Sydney and it was a great experience. I met some wonderful people and was strongly encouraged to see that in each of them burns a fire to not only fight MS but to eradicate the disease once and for all. And best of all, they’re tackling this by thinking of new and exciting ways to raise money and engage with the community.

So thank you to Neil Robertson and MS Research Australia CEO Matthew Miles for inviting me to the meeting. I look forward to attending more F5m+ meetings in the future. And, for anyone looking to get on board the F5m+ bandwagon you can visit their website http://www.f5mplus.org.au/ .

Some of the F5M+ family and last year's City2Surf

Some of the F5M+ family at last year’s City2Surf

The group is now fundraising for their next event the City 2 Surf . Anyone looking to take part in the great race can do so in support of either F5m+ or MS Australia.  So if you’re thinking of taking part why not try and raise some funds for a good cause along the way.

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