Moving forward in 2014

2014 is now well and truly underway for the MS Australia team and I’m delighted to update on come very encouraging recent news.

Carer rallies community behind MS treatment

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying Brenda Fisher, an Ambassador for MS ACT/NSW/VIC and a carer who has taken it upon herself to compile a petition in support of the MS mobility treatment FAMPYRA and its subsidisation on the PBS. In a fantastic example of advocacy work , Brenda, whose husband Mark was diagnosed with MS more than 18 years ago, has rallied the community behind her petition and over the last 12 months she has worked tirelessly, raising awareness of the campaign and gathering signatures of support.

Brenda and I at Senator Ryan's office.

Brenda and I at Senator Ryan’s office.

Yesterday she presented these signatures, all 10,503 of them to Victorian Senator Scott Ryan who has agreed to table the petition in the Senate.

MS Australia is supportive of more treatments being subsidised for people affected by the disease. MS is a complex condition with no two cases the same. People diagnosed with MS need choice and flexibility with treatment options so they can work with their doctor and healthcare team to find the treatment that is right for them.

Here is a link to more coverage of Brenda’s petition:

Australia Day Honours for MS Ambassador and Hero

Australian Paralympian and the driving force behind the MS Mega Swim fundraising concept Carol Cooke, was recently acknowledged for her athletic achievements and years of service to the MS community by the Australia Day Honours List being made a Member of the Order of Australia.


I have met Carol a number of times and she is a truly remarkable person who demonstrates that so much can be achieved despite a  diagnosis of MS.

For more read Carol’s blog post on the topic.

Progessive MS Alliance


One of our key roles as a national peak body is to work with our international partners and MS Australia is a proud member and contributor to the work of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation.

A recent project that has gathered considerable momentum is the Progressive MS Alliance a collaborative effort to unite MS socieites around the world and to raise awareness of the need for further research into progressive forms of MS.

The Alliance is currently soliciting proposals from the global MS research community using a variety of funding models for work specifically dedicated to progressive forms of the disease.

By working together, it is hoped we can raise greater awareness of the disease, we can connect  resources around the globe and we can focus on developing the innovative solutions to bring treatments to people and ultimately an end to progressive MS.

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