Tasmanian campaigner to lead national advocacy

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Potter as the new National Coordinator of the MS Australia Advocates Program.

Andrew has been a long time champion of the needs of people with MS and has been an Advocate with MS Australia since the program began six years ago.

PotterThere is no better person in Australia for this task.

Andrew has already hit the ground running building the advocates program so people across the country living with MS have the broadest and most effective representation possible.


Wednesday May 28 is World MS Day. It is a chance to celebrate and be thankful for the vital services and support available to people with MS in Australia and around the world.

But it’s also a day to shine a light on the ongoing issues faced by people with MS.

That’s why on this World MS Day Multiple Sclerosis Australia will be in Canberra meeting with our political leaders to push for more support for people with MS.

The recent Federal budget reaffirmed the commitment to the National Disability Insurance Scheme – this is good news.

As is the commitment to a 20 billion dollar Medical Research Future Fund – an innovation to help Australian researchers fight diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.


But MSA is taking a strong stand against the plan for people under 35 who access the Disability Support Pension to complete periodic medical assessments to determine their eligibility for the scheme.

We are also against the Medicare co-payment, for charges for visits to out-of-hospital pathology and imaging services, and to capping provisions of the Medicare Safety Net.

We are standing against these measures because they make it harder for people with MS to receive rebates for high out-of-pocket costs and the increased cost of medicines and pose barriers to a timely diagnosis, to seeking treatment and to getting appropriate medicines.

And so I assure you your voice will be in heard in Canberra on World MS Day and indeed on every day as we fight for your interests.


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