MS Australia has been working on a special project and I’m excited to finally reveal what it is. A brand new blogging platform, Uninterrupted, will be launched in the coming weeks, where people from the MS community are able to blog about their experiences with multiple sclerosis. It will be a supportive online network where you can share or read stories about personal experiences and we are anticipating everyone will get something out of it. Red&Black_Tagline We are now looking for interested bloggers who would like to take part in this new platform. You could be a carer, family member or friend, or someone living with a diagnosis. All you need to do is submit a blog post of around 300 words on a topic of your choosing to give us an idea of your written ability and the focus of your blog. The commitment is to write a blog post at least once per fortnight, for a minimum of 12 months, so people can follow your journey. You will receive initial training from award winning blogger and disability activist, Carly Findlay, as well as the opportunity to interact with those in the MS online community, where people can subscribe to your blog, share or comment. All entries will be assessed by a panel of judges and we cannot wait to read your stories.

To view the platform, visit http://www.uninterrupted.org.au

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