Palliative Care Australia and the Neurological Alliance Australia position statement

In late 2014, Palliative Care Australia (PCA) and the Neurological Alliance Australia (NAA) released a new position statement on ‘Palliative Care and Neurological Conditions’. The main focus of adopting a palliative approach to neurological conditions is described as “maintaining dignity and increasing hope through the disease process by adequately managing physical, psychological and existential suffering while assisting with decision making process”.  NAA is an alliance of not-for-profit peak organisations representing adults and children living with progressive neurological or muscular disease in Australia and MS Australia is a proud member of NAA. Palliative care provides a good opportunity for those with chronic conditions, their loved ones and carers to achieve the best quality of life before death. PCA and NAA call for improved access to palliative care services for those with neurological conditions along with education for health professionals, a collaborative approach between neurology and palliative care teams, and the development of a national framework outlining a pathway for palliative care service provision. A greater acknowledgement for the importance of access to palliative care for people with neurological conditions is critical.

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